Laser liposuction or SmartLipo has revolutionized my ability as a plastic surgeon to provide precise body contouring using a tiny laser fiber and a small, thin, hollow cannula.

During the liposuction procedure, the areas to be treated are infused with local anesthesia. I then sculpt these areas by removing stored fat from specific bulges and providing complete body contouring. The laser then allows me to tighten the skin of problematic areas such as the chin, inner thighs and flanks, otherwise known as the muffin top.

SmartLipo is safe, effective and requires minimal incisions and minimal downtime and pain.

Often if the person is a candidate, I'm able to perform the laser liposuction procedure while awake. Awake liposuction is best suited for those who have specific bulging areas. For men, it would be the abdomen, chest and flanks, which are very popular. For women, the inner thighs, abdomen and back scoop are very common.

One of the key elements of awake liposuction is that I have the patient change positions, which leads to better sculpting of the targeted areas.

What Is SmartLipo? Meet the Revolutionary New Liposuction Procedure

Dr. Kevin Tehrani explains how the right candidate may remain awake during a SmartLipo session and how that can provide better end results.