Mini-liposuction... What is mini-liposuction? Well, I developed this term about twelve or thirteen years ago, and I did it specifically to get patients out of the mentality that you need to be overweight for liposuction surgery itself.

Mini-liposuction is a perfect procedure for somebody who is not overweight, closer to their ideal body weight, and in pretty decent muscle tone. These patients, whether it's a man or a woman... really, I am the main reason for them to get to their next level with things, because they're already not overweight, they're doing whatever they can do, and these are their stubborn areas that are usually genetically prone. These patients... it's generally all up to me to get them to their next level with things.

In these patients, there is really no room for error. These patients typically have a pretty thin layer of fat, and it has to be done very, very precisely, so you're creating a perfectly balanced contour, and when you do that to these kind of patients, they find many times they can gain even a few pounds of weight, and it doesn't tend to go to those dis-proportioned areas.

So mini-liposuction is a procedure the is under one hour, local anesthesia only, and targeting one or two areas of stubborn dis-proportionate fat.

What is Mini Liposuction Surgery?

Doctor Amron discusses Mini Liposuction.