Dr. Stephen Prendiville: We are seeing more men. Obviously the bulk of our practice is still women in facial rejuvenation, but we're seeing more men. Men are more directed about their concerns. They'll come in and say, 'You know, I feel like I look tired. I think my eyes make me look tired.' Or they'll hold their neck and say,'I don't like this. What can you do about this?' So basically their concerns are typically limited, most of the time, to the areas around the eyes and the way the look. Also the neck and jaw line is what defines a man for looking youthful. If you look at Clint Eastwood or if you look at Rock Hudson or various celebrities that we have in this day and age, they all have those same characteristics. So men want to convey youthfulness and virility and the jaw line and the neck really convey that. They don't want to look tired. They don't want to look angry and the area around the eyes is what conveys those things.

I think the approach is different. I think men are much more straight forward in what they want. They have a very strong definition of what they'd like. For women it's more of an emotional issue because women are much more tied into the concept of beauty and the way they look as far as how they fit in socially and things like that, so there's a lot more psychology and discussion that goes on as far as what a woman wants and doesn't want versus with men.

Men Want To Look Younger, Too! These Are Their Biggest Concerns

Hey guys, we didn't forget about you! Dr. Stephen Prendiville reveals what more and more men are doing about their aging faces.