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  • Medpor Nasal Implant Removal
In this surgical video, I'm demonstrating the removal of the MedPor Nasal Implant that was placed by another surgeon in this ethnic patient. The MedPor implant was intended to elevate the bridge and increase tip definition. This particular MedPor nasal implant did exactly the opposite. It caused a more bulbous tip and a wide, broad nasal dorsum. As you can see, the MedPor implant has caused ingrowth of surrounding tissue, making it virtually impossible to remove without sharp and blunt dissection. This removes not only the MedPor implant but also surrounding tissue, creating a cavity within the nose.

This is one of the reasons why I prefer to use a silicone implant. Silicone implants are easily removed if there were to be a problem, such as infection or movement. This particular MedPor implant is large and bulky, and just added to the bulbosity of the patient as well as increased nasal width. Once the MedPor implant is removed, I will be fashioning a custom carb silicone implant that is much smaller and less bulky to elevate the bridge.

As well, I'll be performing tip reconstruction using cartilage grafts, [inaudible 00:01:34] grafts, and shield grafts in order to make the tip less bulbous and have more structure in the tip and more definition. This video also demonstrates the difficulty in revision rhinoplasty, especially in ethnic rhinoplasty patients. This stresses the importance of finding a surgeon that is experienced in ethnic rhinoplasty so that you can avoid such complications and avoid revision rhinoplasties in the future. Other educational videos are available on my website, RhinoplastySurgeonNewYork.com and AfricanAmericanRhinoplasty.com. Thank you.

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Medpor Nasal Implant Removal

Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj demonstrates the removal of a Medpor implant in an ethnic patient, which was meant to provide shape to the nose. Instead, the implant promoted ingrowing of the surrounding tissue and requires revision rhinoplasty.