Greetings! This is Dr. Eric Joseph, Rhinoplasty Specialist from West Orange, New Jersey. Today's case is a male rhinoplasty with a large dorsal hump, an under-projected tip with a hanging columella, and a tension lip deformity. You could see my gracious patient is asleep with general anesthetic and you could see that he has a large profile hump, a hanging columella, an under-projected tip, and a bulge in between the columella and the upper lip that is also known as a tension lip deformity. Corrective surgery involved shortening of the caudal septum and removal of a portion of the anterior septal spine, lowering the bony and cartilaginous dorsum, dividing the lower lateral cartilages and placing a strong columellar strut for tip support. You can see in the immediate after photo, right before the dressing was placed, a nice, natural looking, masculine, nasal appearance that is pleasing and is not distracting to the rest of his facial features. The dressing will be applied and the patient will be discharged to home. We would follow-up in the office one week later. At that time, the dressing is removed and normal social activities are typical resumed. I hope this is helpful and thank you for watching.

Male Rhinoplasty: Correcting a Large Dorsal Hump and "Tension Lip"

Dr. Eric Joseph shares his technique and before and after photos of a male patient requesting rhinoplasty to achieve a smaller, less distracting, natural-looking nasal appearance.