With regard to male liposuction, it is a fairly large part of my practice, and it's actually growing over the years I've been doing this procedure. It currently accounts for about 25 percent of the surgeries that I do. It's a great procedure for men.

There are four areas that I usually target in men for male liposuction. The number one area is the flanks, the love handles. Probably the second common area is the abdomen, and many times I do the abdomen along with the flank area, circumferentially, to create a very nice V-like shape in the men. It's important when you're doing the abdomen to not pinch the waist in too high in the male, and create a feminizing appearance.

The third most common area is the chest, called gynecomastia. And the last common area is the neck, and it's a very important area to do, because as we age, the tissue wants to drop and settle, and if you catch that fullness and that looseness early on before it drops too much, it's going to not only make a great improvement in the short term, it's going to actually lift the area up and be preventative as time goes on, so it's not going to drop as much.

So, it's a great procedure in a man, again, to target disproportion, but also as a preventative aspect, in terms of areas not dropping and settling as years go on, such as in the neck.

Male Liposuction

Doctor David Amron discusses Male Liposuction.