Did you know that an estimated 40% of men are afflicted with unwanted breast development called gynecomastia Hi, I'm Dr. Paul Vanek, a board certified plastic surgeon, and I'm here to help you think health.

Men of all ages suffer from gynecomastia. They find it difficult to reconcile taking their shirts off. They have difficulty with exercising or being seen in loose clothing and experience a lot of embarrassment when their physical appearance of their chest is brought into question. Many men palpably feel the anxiety associated with their gynecomastia condition. Ladies, if this sounds like the story of one of the men in your life, you may want to help them consider that there is a simple definitive gynecomastia treatment that permanently improves their situation.

The basis for this condition includes obesity, family history, age, and female hormone related development, and, due to drug side effects, excess alcohol intake, and thyroid excess. All contribute to enlarged male breasts.

There is a fairly lengthy list of drugs that have the side effect of enlarging the male breast that ironically don't have the same effects on the female breast. Malnutrition, steroids, amphetamines, marijuana, and heroin can alter hormone levels and result in enlarged male breasts.

Sadly, men who are supplementing or juicing with androgenic steroids in order to look more masculine can induce irreversible breast development that is the opposite effect making them develop female appearance of the breast when the drugs are metabolized in the liver. What is found in common about what I just listed above is that estrogen excess is stimulated which affects the shape of the male breast.

Vaser liposelection is the most selective treatment method to liquify the fatty breast tissue and reduce the size of the anatomic region. The skin is stimulated to shrink wrap around the smaller chest because the ultrasound energy also works to tighten the skin envelope. Some patients have fibrous breast tissue directly under the nipple that does not respond to ultrasound, and this needs to be removed with a small incision at the same time.

My practice was the first to implement Vaser liposelection technology to Ohio in 2003. When patients were scientifically studied, the Vaser ultrasound patients had 56% more shrink wrap effect on their skin compared to traditional methods of liposuction. The other research finding is that the patients had 23% less blood loss with Vaser treatment.

The selectivity is found in the way the ultrasound works. The tiny probe is passed under the skin after a bit of Novocaine mixed with I.V. fluids is pulsed under the skin. This causes the ultrasound to selectively conduct through the tissues and release the fat cells from their connective tissue network, because the nerves, blood vessels, lymphatics and collagen are a different density. The Vaser energy does not disrupt their integrity. The ultrasound doesn't heat the tissues, either, so there's not a lot of collateral damage.

Because there isn't a lot of internal rasping like regular liposuction, Vaser is considered a more gentle way to get rid of fat and gland tissue in the chest. In short, Vaser energy selectively knocks out the bad guys and leaves the stuff you want to leave behind so you have less tenderness, have less bruising, less swelling, and a good likelihood that you'll have normal sensation after Vaser liposuction treatment.

Recovery involves a restriction of heavy lifting for about two weeks. The quarter inch incisions are found in the chest crease and in the armpit area. If you have a sedentary job you can probably drive to work in one or two days and just wear an Under Armour as a compression garment under your regular clothing.

The Simple Gynecomastia Treatment

Dr. Paul Vanek discusses Gynecomastia, also known as Male Breast Reduction. He explains the simple procedure to improve the appearance of fatty breast tissue in males.