My goal with face-lifting is to camouflage the scars as best as possible and that also requires very precise placement of the incisions, very precise closure of the incisions. Very commonly my goal is not to distort their hairline, not to displace the temporal hairline, not to displace the posterior occipital hairline because that can look very unattractive. That's what we call a wind-blown look. When women go in a car and their hair is blown back, you'll see all face and no hair. I am a little conscious of the hairline so I try to camouflage that, keep it along the sideburn, camouflage it behind the notch in the ear and trail it off behind the ear. Sometimes that can limit it as a limited scar. In some patients I have extended into the hairline especially if they have a lot of skin in the neck. I am very conscious of trying to minimize the scarring on the face. Sometimes they can also cover it with some makeup. Early on there will be some redness so that redness will usually abate with time. I always recommend a good sun block because it will do two things. It will moisturize the skin and protect the scar from the sun, which will sometimes make the scar little redder.

The Key to Getting the Best Facelift Results Is All About the Hairline

Dr. Steven Wallach explains that while many patients are often conscious of maintaining a natural look after a facelift, many often neglect to think about the hairline and how it affects the result.