Dr. Rick. Question of the day. A common question after liposuction is, "Is it normal to have lumps?" Initially when you have liposuction, you will have some lumpiness to the tissues. That's simply because of the trauma of the liposuction cannula moving in and out of the tissues to remove the fatty tissue. Scars remodel for one year. That's not just external scars, it's also scar tissue that's created deeper down. Naturally, when you have liposuction you're going to have some lumpy and bumpiness because of scar tissue that should resolve over the course of a year. Now, there is lumpy bumpiness that is not appropriate and those are the kinds of things that your surgeon will discuss with you at your consultation as risks of surgery and when it is okay to have lumpiness in certain areas, but the general lumpiness that people ask me about it's usually just scar tissue and that generally resolves around six weeks to a few months, and there are maybe certain specific areas that take a little bit longer to resolve. I hope that helps and I'll see you next time.

Lumps after Liposuction: What's Normal?

Will I get lumps after liposuction? Dr. Richard Brown discusses why this happens and if this will happen to a patient.