Dr. Elizabeth F. Callahan: My office is located on the west coast of Florida, and my patients overwhelmingly are wanting to be slightly refreshed, but they absolutely don’t want to look done. And they still want to retain some vestige, some bit, of who they still are without changing the shape of their face or their identity. And I think one of the most important thing that I do with my patients is that we do this slowly over time. We don’t make any… we don’t do a lot of things all in the same visit. We tend to see each other almost like I’m a physical fitness trainer.

I believe really in skin fitness and skin health. And so, what I am doing is I am meeting with my patients every three or four months, and we do small bits at a time, because always, noninvasive, nonsurgical Dermatology, one plus one equals three. It is a matter of picking those various elements and then putting them together. And also, remembering that the face is an ongoing, it’s like the rest of your body. It’s aging. It’s changing. So, you never do that is very permanent in any one area, because you are going to continue to evolve and change. So, it’s very important, as I believe I am, as sort of the trainer for this project, that we continue to do small bits over time and every time it might be different, based on the patient’s needs and their facial structure.

Looking Refreshed Without Looking “Overdone”

Dr. Elizabeth Callahan discusses how to look refreshed without looking "overdone."