My whole philosophy in breast augmentation or any plastic surgery for that matter is the whole goal and purpose of having cosmetic plastic surgery is not to look like they had plastic surgery. So many people talk about natural breast enhancement, but what they really mean . . . When I meet my patients, what I basically do is look at different implant selections, implant sizes and find out what they really want to look like. "Let's talk about cup sizes," stuff like that, and then what is the final look? Do you want everybody to know that had breast augmentation, or do you want people to just see that you have a very nice look and not really know? The majority of my patients are very mature, and they want to look really natural, look like they didn't have plastic surgery. That's where I come in.

The Goal of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Is "Not to Look Like You Had Plastic Surgery"

Dr. Stanley Okoro says that a lot of his patients may not know what they want to get done, but they always know they want to look natural.