Dr. Copeland: As we age, we see a change in the way the face looks. We have a downward drift of the cheeks, we have developed more prominence of these, what we call "Nasal Labial folds," and jowl formation, in addition to lines and wrinkles around the face. So it's now possible with a liquid face lift, to resculpture the face, to get a lifting and an elevation in a way that we could only do before with surgery. And today I'm going to demonstrate on this patient how, using a variety of different fillers, the cheeks are going to be elevated, the folds are going to be softened, the jowl line will be less prominent. And then we're going to soften lines around the eyes and the forehead.

So now what we're starting is what I call the liquid face lift. So we'll first going to take care of the crows-feet, glabella, the forehead, and anything in the platysma. I'm going to have Cynthia make some expressions. I've pre-alcoholed everything, and we're ready to go.

So smile. You can see the lines here, and I'm just injecting very small amounts. The idea is not to eliminate all the lines, it's just soften them. Now frown. Because you don't want the unnatural look. And here we have those bunny lines which a lot of people don't like. Raise your eyebrow. Again, I put a drop right on the arch of the eyebrow. Clench your jaw. Now we're going to go into the platysma bands. Okay, excellent. So that takes care of the Botox, and we're just going to put a little ice on these areas to help vasal constrict, to minimize bruising.

Now the next step is Radiesse. Wer'e going to use Radiesse to give better definition to the cheeks. Because as you age, the soft tissues drift down. So I use a technique that actually goes inside the mouth. And this allows a very natural elevation of the cheek on both sides. So I do put a little bit of numbing medicine in the mouth. Now this is the Radiesse. And Radiesse does have some Lidocaine in it. So as it's being put in, it's less uncomfortable. So I'm just putting it in the upper cheek, and I'm just stepping it all along here. And that's that side.

And then I mold it a little bit, push it down to sculpture it. Put ice on this side. Now we go to the next side, and wherever you put the Lidocaine in the mouth, so she's had a few minutes for that. And again, I just stuck this along the cheek bone, watching as I'm doing it. And then I do a little molding, and some ice.

Okay, so that takes care of the cheeks, the elevation. Now the next part is going to be the Nasal Labial folds, which are so critical. So I'm going to be putting Juvederm in this area, which is a Hyaluronic acid base. It's much softer. Radiesse is Hydroxyapatite and it's firmer. That's why I like to use it to rebuild the cheek bone area. But in this area of the Nasal Labia around the lips, and in this jaw, I like to use something a little bit softer, and that's Juvederm.

So we have alcoholed this area. And in the new Juvederm, there is Lidocaine in it. So as I'm doing it, it's actually less uncomfortable. And I'm also, while I'm here, I'm going to improve this jaw line over here, where you sometimes can get a little telltale sign of the jowls in this area. And as I do it, I do mold it.

Now sometimes people also want a little bit in the lips, but Cynthia doesn't. So the right side is done, and now I'm going to move to the left side and I'm going to do it in similar fashion.

Just to give a little wrap up of what we did today in the liquid face lift. She had Botox in the crows-feet, glabella, forehead lines. And also with the platysma band to help soften the neck. And then she had fillers. So I put Radiesse, which is a Hydroxyapatite base; it's firmer. That went into the cheek area, and then I used Hyaluronic acid based Juvederm for the Nasal Labial folds and the perioral region. And then also that jaw line.

How do you feel, Cynthia?

Cynthia: I feel good. I feel great.

Dr. Copeland: So Cynthia, you're ready to go?

Cynthia: I am. I feel wonderful. I can't believe it only took a short time. I can go back to my work, and no one would know the difference.

Dr. Copeland: Well, except that you look better.

Cynthia: Except I look better.

Dr. Copeland: Best of all.

Botox, Radiesse, and Juvederm Used For Liquid Facelift

A liquid facelift is performed by Dr. Michelle Copeland using Botox, Radiesse, and Juvederm injections.