David Amron: In terms of liposuction recovery time, it's a very common question that I get. You have to understand that there are two aspects to the improvement of liposuction surgery. The first one is the removal or reduction in the layer of fat itself between the skin and the muscle. That's a very big part of the improvement that you're getting in terms of re-contouring.

But the other part of it is the skin itself pulling back and tightening or retracting. If liposuction is done properly, it will always retract. But in that process, there's swelling that goes on and inflammation in terms of the remodeling or restructure of the tissue itself. And that tends to go on for quite a long time.

So, your final results -- your final final really is 6 to 12 months after liposuction surgery. Absolutely, I guarantee every patient that in three weeks a lot of that initial swelling is down. Any bruising that you get is usually very minor. The way in which I do it, it's pretty much gone. You can start exercising as quickly as two days later, wear a garment for 24 hours a day for 10 days, 12 hours a day for 10 days after that...

But then it slowly gets better. If at the 3 months' mark you have had 75 to 80% of your final improvements, about 6 months it's about 90%. Really it's about a year till your final results take place, and you have that beautiful result.

Recovery Time after Liposuction

Doctor David Amron discusses the recovery time after Liposuction.