Hey, Dr Lowenstein here, in Santa Barbara. I just want to cover, relatively quickly, pain expectations after liposuction. And I've got to tell you, liposuction is not a very painful procedure. More so, we hear patients complaining of having a burning sensation. It can be uncomfortable. You certainly will have some swelling, for days if not a couple weeks after surgery, while the fluid that is instilled in the area, in order to help with anesthesia, control of blood loss, and just the actual mechanics of the liposuction, that fluid has to be absorbed, and that can take some time.
So, swelling after a liposuction, totally normal for even up to a couple weeks. Pain after liposuction, really, not a significant issue, and it's certainly not something I would be too concerned about. It's certainly on the low spectrum of discomfort, in the various cases that we do. So, I hope that helps with your expectations. Again, it's Dr. Lowenstein in Santa Barbara. Thanks very much.

Liposuction and Pain: Here's What to Expect Post-Op

Dr. Adam Lowenstein answers a common question regarding pain expectations following liposuction surgery.