Hi, I'm Dr. Elizabeth Morgan, a board certified plastic surgeon here in Atlanta, and I want to tell you a little bit about liposuction cannulas because if you are interested in having liposuction, you'll have heard the term but you won't know what it means. So I've put out on this table, 4 different liposuction cannulas. Each one is different in its length, in its width, and in its tip. So let me tell you what they are for. The shorter cannulas, these are all 15 sonometer, will remove fat with the end of the arc that is closer to the incision. This longer one removes fat further away. Now the skinniest cannula is 1.5, this is 2, this is 3, this is 4. This is for the finest work, this is for fine/average work, this is for average working with, and this is where you want to remove a fairly large amount of fat or where you need the width in order to get out the fat. Now let us look at the tips themselves. There are three little openings, symmetric in this one.

It removes fat very evenly. If you look at this, it has three little openings with a swelling that's called a basket cannula. This one's called a Mercedes, this is a basket. This can help move fat from one area, let's say there is a little bit too much there, a little indentation here, I can move fat from here to here. this one, the long openings have a little sharp edge. They enable the cannula to get through very thick scar, and then this one here has an opening of only one hole, on one side, and that's to protect the skin. If we're liposuctioning in very thin, delicate skin, we go underneath so we don't cause ripples in the skin, but we can get all of the fat underneath. So give us a call, 404-941-3200 if we can help. Morgan Cosmetic Surgery and you'll come in knowing something about cannulas before you see us. Have a great day.

Liposuction Cannulas Vary in Length, Width, and Usages

Dr. Elizabeth Morgan discusses different types of liposuction cannulas and how and why each is used for a particular job in the operating room.