#1: Let People Take Care of You
We know, we know. You’re a multi-tasking mama. I hear you!
But once you've had major surgery, you need to let go and just let everyone else help out.
So let your loved ones dote on you for a bit.
Be waited on hand and foot. It'll help you heal properly.
If anything, do it for your health.

#2: Don’t Expect to Drop a Size
Here’s how much you can expect to lose from lipo.
Drum roll please.
Typically, people lose between two and five pounds.
Some get lipo at the beginning of their weight loss. Some after. It just varies.
But think of it as a contouring technique for those trouble spots you can't get rid of.
Not an excuse to skip your workout.

#3: Clear Your Schedule
It's important to check your calendar. Any weddings on the horizon?
No big presentations at work?
No birthday parties?
Plan your surgery then. You’ll need the room to rest and recovery.

#4: Set Realistic Expectations
Liposuction is a great tool to help you enhance what you already have.
It won’t radically change your look. You're not suddenly going to have a celebrity body.
To get an idea of what to expect ask your doctor for before and after photos.

#5: Do the Laundry
Brace yourself. This might be kinda gross.
But you need to know it.
Do your laundry…
Because you’re going to need towels.
You might leak.
It's just like dripping.


#1: Eat Clean
It’s easy to fall into bad eating when you’re feeling down.
Mac and cheese.
Try and resist temptation.
Make sure you drink your water too.
A healthy diet and plenty of water will keep you feeling and looking good.

#2: Make Friends With Your Compression Garment
Compression garments aren’t known for comfort.
They're more like a frenemy.
But they are crucial to help you heal properly.
It's always smart to follow your doctor’s recovery plan.
Even if you’re feeling itchy.
One really good piece of advice: get yourself a cotton shirt or tank and wear that under your binder. That'll give you a little bit of a barrier.

#3: Communication Is Key
Channel your 13-year-old self and keep a diary.
But not to track your crushes. JT forever!
A successful way to keep track of your progress is to record it.
An even easier way to do this is to upload your photos and post your updates on RealSelf.
Unlike that old-school journal...
RealSelf is home to a living, breathing community that can help you along your journey.

#4: Patience Is a Virtue
Waiting is hard…
But it’ll pay off.
It may take several months before you see results.
That’s because of all sorts of things.
Swelling. Inflammation.
So give yourself a break.

#5: You Can Still Gain Weight
Liposuction isn’t a cure-all for weight gain.
You’ll have fewer fat cells in the areas where you got lipo, but you can still gain weight.
So to maintain your results, keep up the healthy lifestyle. And it'll really pay off in the long run.

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Liposuction: 10 Tips For Life Before and After Surgery

The RealSelf community offers this advice for life before and after liposuction.