Dr. Edward Bednar: This particular device is called Liposonix. And Liposonix itself is an ultrasound focused device with a head that basically scans. And this particular area here where it makes contact with the skin, it'll penetrate about a third of the depth of the fat content. You need about an inch of thickness there. It takes that inner 30% out, that middle 30% out. It actually destroys those cells, so there's a permanent result.

We often treat the area of the abdomen, we'll treat along the waistline when we can in order to improve circumference. The circumference actually, you know the waistline itself can be improved by usually a dress size or a pant size, so it is pretty significant. There's no real down time associated with this. You know from the standpoint there may be a little bit of bruising, might be a little bit of discomfort, but from the standpoint of applying this method it is a noninvasive procedure. You head home afterwards.

There is a water contact system here that sprays the surface of the skin and what that allows us to do is provide that coupling mechanism for the ultrasound. We place it within these 5x5 centimeter blocks. And we've programmed the piece to the particular task at hand. And so when we place this on here, we begin contact here, apply the thing, we begin the process.

The energy can be focused itself and the energy can be dialed in, a little bit up, a little bit down, while the patient remains comfortable throughout the procedure. Now this is not a replacement for liposuction. It is a method which basically can improve the contour, as I said, the state of the waistline, but is not from the standpoint the same kind of artistic fashion that say liposuction would flourish, but it is an alternative. Some patients are not surgical candidates for liposuction itself. Maybe it doesn't fit their lifestyle at this particular time in recovery time that's necessary in wearing the garment when we do something like liposuction. So this is an alternative and provides the patient, you know I said, part of that continuum.

The application of each of these are under very strict and sound scientific principles. These modalities have been demonstrated at the scientific level, at the tissue level, at the microscopic level, to perform exactly what we are talking about. And maybe one of the best examples of this is, is what the company provides in regards to this modality. And it may not show it well on camera, but if this is the skin surface here, we're applying the ultrasound and the focused ultrasound head here and we're wiping out that middle third here of that tissue. And that's really how it scans and obliterates that layer. So what Liposonix provides for us is another permanent kind of solution to the sickness of the fatty level.

Right now it has been approved for the waistline itself. There are applications that we found in the thicker areas of the skin that can be applied in other areas of the body, even to body contouring fashion and as time goes along, the improvements and the innovation of this particular device and applicable scanning and hand pieces are going to come along that'll treat a little more delicate areas of the body as well.

Liposonix (Non-Surgical Body Contouring)

Doctor Edward J. Bednar performs a Liposonix procedure and discusses the benefits of this body contouring process.