Hi, I'm Dr. Steve Weimer, and today we're going to show you how to enhance the lips, using blunt cannulas and juvederm. This is actually a very simple process. She's had some topical on for about fifteen minutes. You make a small incision with a needle right at the corner, and through that, we can inject both the upper and lower lips. She doesn't like a lot, so we do a half a syringe total in these lips.

So, here we go, we're going to go to the upper lip first. We're right there, we're right in the middle with the cannula, and we'll just do a little bit. Okay, and that's the upper lip. Now open up a little bit, and then I scoot on down to the lower lip. And there we go. That's an upper and lower lip injection with juvederm. Very quick and easy. You can see that she's slightly enhanced on this side, and the other side's very similar. But you can see how easy, and there's no discomfort associated with this, and there's no bruising or significant swelling. Thank you.

Lip Enhancement Demonstration

Doctor Steven Weiner demonstrates Lip Augmentation.