Dr. Eviatar: For lip correction for her, we don't want to give big lips but what bothers her is some of the little lines and she's losing the definition around the lip. Also when she smiles, it's a couple of things. It's very important to look at the lips dynamically. We can see -- give me a big smile -- two things happen. One is her lips become very flat. We can use a little bit of Xeomin, which is some of the Botox to just tilt the lip up just a drop. And also a big smile, you can do a little bit here to drop her smile a little bit so it doesn't show the gum line so much when she smiles. That's the first thing.

And then again we are going to do a very subtle lip augmentation just to help with some of the fine lines here. Give her a little bit of definition; not to give her big lips, and to make her more symmetric because she's a little asymmetric now as you can see here everybody is. It'll give her a little bit of better symmetry which overall make her look prettier. It's going to be very subtle. When you first have it done, it's going to look over corrective. For the first 48 hours it absorbs water and it'll look puffy. Don't be nervous, it goes down.

We are just using one syringe of Restylane which is FDA approved. It's the only product specifically approved for use on the lips. You may want to do more in the future, but I like to be very subtle and then build it up over time. First we are going to do just the Xeomin, this is just like Botox. Just a couple of tiny inches. Give me a big smile. Good. Relax. The Xeomin, and this important stuff is going to start kick in the next three to four days.

Female Speaker: Okay.

Dr. Eviatar: So within a week you should really have that kind of lift and that part of the improvement. I think you look great, you can put make up and go back to work.

Female Speaker: Thank you.

Dr. Eviatar: All right.

Lip Augmentation: See the Stunning Results of Restylane and Dysport

Dr. Joseph Eviatar performs a lip augmentation with Restylane and Dysport to add volume and definition.