Female: What happens during ptosis surgery?

Dr. Amiya Prasad: Ptosis surgery in adults such as levator muscle advancement or levator resection is typically performed in our practice under local anesthesia with conscious IV or intravenous sedation. The goal of the procedure is to elevate the eyelid or both eyelids as well as to maximize the symmetry and the cosmetic appearance. In order to accomplish this, I typically will have my patient open and close her eyes in both the laying and upright position to confirm the appearance and even make adjustments. Of course the patient is comfortable and is not feeling anything when I'm doing this. Once I and my team are happy with the results, we lay the patient back and I complete the procedure. We place cold compresses afterwards and our patients go home without any bandages.

Lifting a Droopy Eyelid Requires Patient Cooperation in the OR

Dr. Amiya Prasad details how he performs ptosis surgery with local anesthesia so the patient is awake to open and close their eyelids, and how the patient can sit up during surgery for more precise results.