One of the most exciting technologies that’s coming out over the last few years in plastic surgery is the Cellulaze. For years, I’ve had patients who have cellulite which, to this point, has been untreatable and I would have to send patients away. And they would spend countless hours on clinics or other non-invasive treatments that don’t work. Cellulaze actually does correct cellulite in a relatively non-invasive way by treating the actual problem, the underlying adherance to the skin. Cellulite is basically a problem of the skin and its underlying attachments. And in extreme cases, you can have small areas of fat that accentuate the cellulite. The difference with the Cellulaze is that the laser is multi-directional therefore, we could aim it downward to treat the underlying fat, aim it to side, which is the key to divide the adhesion to the skin and then, in an upward, which cause thickening of the skin. And, you’ll see significant reduction in cellulite.

Cellulaze Laser Treatment Can Rid Patients of Cellulite

Dr. Dustin Reid from Restora Austin explains the process of Cellulaze for eliminating pesky cellulite.