Paul: It really changes your life. Without my glasses, I was legally blind, and when I walked out of the surgery, I had perfect vision.

I love swimming, and you have to do that without glasses, so I didn't swim very much. I couldn't see much of anything in the water, and I was constantly worried that I couldn't find my beach towel when I got out of the water. After the LASIK surgery, swimming was a joy. You can see. I've gone snorkeling, and I find that beach towel every time.

The only time I wear glasses today is for reading if the light isn't great, but it's so much better than the bifocals. I go to a drugstore, very inexpensive, still work great.

If you have poor eyesight, and if you qualify, and with Dr. [Strecker], he'd want to take you through the steps and make sure you're a good candidate. But if you are, I would just say it makes an enormous difference.

LASIK Patient Testimonial: "It Makes an Enormous Difference"

This patient describes his life and experience being glasses-free after LASIK, noting his rediscovered joy of swimming.