In terms of having a natural face lift, I really spend a lot of time so that my patients don't look too done. I do some work with this mass. I tend to use a barb technique. I go all the way across the neck. So this is not a short scar face lift. I do a full one, but I do use some little barb sutures where I take this mass and I weave it through the bone and attach it here. I find that my heavy pole is on the neck and jowl line. I take a lot of care so as not to distort the mouth nor the eyes. I also supplement a lot with fat along here, along the temples, the cheekbones, and I usually wind up with laser around the mouth and the lower lids to give a smoother contour. But I do spend a lot of time with the muscle so as not to drag too much on the skin and distort the mouth and give this windswept look.

In terms of scarring, again, tension is very, very important in minimizing scarring. So where [SP] my tension are high poles in the hairline, not here. This skin is just laid across and lightly trimmed. And that will usually give a really nice scar. And more of the tension is in the hair, but a lot of the tension that I use is with the deep muscle work and I attach those little barb sutures to the deep temporalis fascia and also to the bone here. So you don't really get a lot of festuny. [SP] I think my patients like it and they get a long lasting result.

Laser Work and Fat Injections For a Better Facelift Result

Dr. Christine Rodgers shares her technique for facelifts and explains why she chooses to add laser work and fat injections at the same time.