A laser facelift or laser lift can accomplish the same things that a traditional facelift can do with less down time and minimal incisions. The laser lift procedure is performed by using technology with a laser that burns fat as well as tighten the skin. The tightening occurs by the thermal energy that's created under the skin, which then is replaced by collagen by the body. That collagen allows the body to tighten the skin and remove the laxity that is seen from aging.

The benefits of the laser lift procedure is that it can be done in the office within one hour without general anesthesia. The recovery period from a laser lift is about one to three days as opposed to a traditional facelift, which takes about two weeks. This is because this is done in the office with minimal incisions and minimal trauma to the face. Most of my patients are able to return to work in three days. A good candidate for the laser lift procedure is someone who is starting to have early jowls and a sagging neck.

Laser Lift For Facelift Results With Minimal Incisions and Downtime

Dr. Kristina Tansavatdi explains how a laser lift can give a patient the same results as a facelift with fewer incisions and a substantially shortened downtime period.