Male Voice: When first introduced, laser assisted hair removal could only be used to treat very dark hairs in a background of light skin. With improvements in technology, however, we can now treat different color hairs and all kinds of skin.

Laser assisted hair removal is used by both women and men who have hair growth in areas that is difficult to manage on a regular basis. Women usually undergo treatment of their upper lip, lower lip and chin, sideburns, underarms, bikini area, and occasionally we'll have their arms and legs treated, as well. Men prefer to treat their chest or their back.

It does require four to six treatments to achieve best outcomes, and while there will be permanent reduction in the number of hairs, there won't be a total elimination of every hair present in the area. Those individuals, who have dark hair which is noticeable and bothersome to them, usually find great relief from this treatment.

Some patients choose to do touch-up treatments every six to twelve months, while others find this is not necessary.

Laser Hair Removal

Doctor Brian Biesman discusses Laser Hair Removal.