Well, I'm excited to announce that I have decided to incorporate a variety of laser assisted liposuction in my practice of liposculpture surgery. The machine I've chosen to incorporate is called Smart Liposuction, and there's a new version of it that I feel has made a significant advance in terms of results and safety for patients, and that's the Tri-plex system, where you're using three different energies of wavelength to do the liposculpture itself, but also has a lot of safety features built in, in terms of always monitoring your temperature while you're doing the procedure, and it's a much more precise system.

I have talked over the years about the importance of not just trusting the technology itself. And again, these are like paintbrushes in an artist's hands. I think laser liposuction's an interesting technology. Up until this point, I didn't choose to incorporate it in my practice, because I felt it was not as precise and had certain risks attached to it. In the revision work that I do, I saw a lot of patients coming in having had laser liposuction with very poor results.

Again, it's not that the tool is a bad tool, but the important lesson with this is that it's much more important the person that is doing it and how they're getting through their endpoint with things. I use traditional liposuction under this method over the years, in terms of not only reducing a fat layer, but controlling and getting a lot of beautiful retraction of the skin to contour areas.

I do feel finally, though, that the technology has gotten to a point where in my hands, in certain areas, in the right patient, I can get further additional improvements in areas, in terms of mostly skin retraction and skin tightening. But again, I strongly want to emphasize that it's not as important what tool is used, but again the proper judgment of who's the candidate, where to target, how aggressive to be, and how you're dealing with that skin. It's not going to guarantee a perfect result by only trusting the technology itself.

So I'm going to be, in the right patient, incorporating the newest version of Smart Liposuction into my liposculpture procedures, and look forward to getting beautiful results with it.

New Laser Assisted Liposuction Technology Offers Additional Safety Features

Dr. David Amron discusses some of the new technologies that he has welcomed into his own practice and their new features that make the treatments far more safe for patients than ever before, on top of offering better results.