Complications after revisional breast surgery are present because it's a total order. Once a woman has had an outcome that she doesn't feel is very satisfactory, a surgeon is really pushing a boulder up a steep hill. With these stresses in particular it takes a while before the tissue becomes incorporated with the native breast tissue so there is a finite risk of what we call a seroma which is a collection of fluid on the skin. So for a patient who will take all the expense and the uncertainty of this construct we always speak to them very candidly about maintaining a very limited activity schedule after a procedure probably on the order about six to eight weeks of no upper body exercises and then also wearing snug fitting bras to be able to make the construct consolidate. And also the use for a few days of drains which nobody likes but are necessary evil.

Breast augmentation, all women choose that because they have a way that they like to see themselves in and outside of clothes so there are some activity restrictions but, you know, typically I always say to people, you know, being sexual is very human. It's very much part of who we are and what we like to do. When a woman has a breast augmentation I always counsel them, be comfortable in your body first before you let somebody enjoy your lovely test. Typically we prefer them not to have any oral contact if an incision is made around the nipples because this is a particular fragile are for probably about a month. After that, you know, as she starts to feel comfortable I think the restrictions on the activity will become more self evident.

Keeping Your Breasts Safe After Revision Surgery

Dr. Lavinia Chong advises on how women can go back to their lives after breast revision surgery but how they should also make sure that they keep their chest protected while it heals.