Currently, the absolute best procedures that we've seen for the treatment of cellulite involve minimally invasive laser procedures. There's a laser called Cellulaze that actually small incisions are made. The fiber of the laser is placed into the thigh, and actually the bands that are tenting the skin down are cut with the laser. The pooching fat is then melted with the laser, and then the under surface of the skin is roughed up with the laser.

It's a procedure that's done under local anesthetic. Patients are generally comfortable during the procedure. There is a bit of a recovery. There's about a 2- to 3-week time of bruising and swelling, but what they found is approximately 90% of patients are satisfied with the results of their cellulite treatment approximately for three years after the treatment. So we think we finally have a permanent treatment for cellulite.

There's also another company that's come out with a similar laser.

Is This the Permanent Cellulite Treatment We've All Been Waiting For?

Dr. Michael Persky explains a new cellulite treatment called Cellulaze that has over 90% satisfaction rate with patients and has been dubbed the first permanent treatment for cellulite.