The best candidates for fat transfer are patients who want to have a one time or two time procedure. It's been said with fat transfer the most common procedure that fat transfer doctors do is fat transfer. The second most common procedure they do is a revision fat transfer to put more in because of the unpredictability of the take of the fat and the fourth most common procedure that fat transfer doctors do is the removal of fat when there's too much to take. So, the best candidate really is a patient who is willing to have a few procedures, doesn't want a lifetime of injectables but want something that's going to be permanently there. The most important aspect of a fat transfer is finding a physician who has the artistic vision to use that fat and sculpt the face and put it in the right place with the right volume.

Currently in our practice we're using fat transfer for small things like lips, nasal-labial folds, and for patients who are actually allergic to some of the injectable fillers, also patients who are already in the operating room for say a facelift are great candidates to have fat augmentation in other areas of their face during the procedure.

Is This Bad Smell After a Rhinoplasty an Infection?

Smell something funky? Get is checked out! Dr. Chase Lay explains that while there is a normal odor that a patient is expected to experience after rhinoplasty, there are other smells that should never appear and could mean trouble.