Hey, this is Dr. Dickerson back on again on Dr. D TV and RealSelf answering a question from the white tiger somewhere in the US. They didn't let me know but their question is, "Is ThermiTight, when it's used, is it permanent?"

Once again, this is a device that is going to turn back the hands of time. It's not going to stop time but using the skin tightening, the fat melting or the combination of fat transfers, you're going to get a fabulous result. Depending on what our goal is, we may turn the clock back five years, seven years but if we make this procedure last five years, we'll get 10 years worth of surgery. Once again, we turn back time but don't stop time. Hope this answers the question and hope to see that whole pack of white tigers down here in Fayetteville, North Carolina soon.

Are the Results of ThermiTight Permanent?

Dr. Edward Dickerson answers a RealSelf question about how permanent ThermiTight is in terms of turning back the hands of time.