If we could come up with a cream that took care of dark circles, we would all be millionaires. The problem is that there are a lot of companies out there who claim to have that magic potion to take care of dark circles. We have not found it yet in medicine. What we can do is improve the appearance of dark circles and usually dark circles are hereditary. There's something called allergic dark circles. The skin actually turns dark in the hollow under the lower eyelid and that's very difficult to take care of. What we can do in that hollow is use fillers, mainly Restylane to fill the hollow which decreases the shadowing which helps to make the dark circle look a lot less dark. There are some cases where the pigment of the skin can be treated with fractional lasers and also a great cover-up such as Thiamine under-eye cream help with dark circles.

Is There a Cream to Remove the Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

Dr. Michael Persky discusses several different options for removing dark circles under patients' eyes and the likelihood of developing a cream for this sensitive problem area.