Hi, I'm Farhan Taghizadeh with New Mexico Facial Plastics. The question that I would like to answer today is, "How do I know if my nose is broken?" There are really two ways to know if your nose has been broken.

The first is having an experienced physician examine the nose both internally and externally, and give you some information as to whether it feels the septum and/or the nasal bones have been fractured.

Secondly another way that we could tell if the nasal bones are fractured is with an x-ray or a CT scan. These days, a CT scan is preferable and we could see some of the fractured lines with the CAT scan and we could make a determination accordingly.

In terms of whether it's important to get a nasal fracture fixed or not, there are some fractures that have been ... displaced. If there's no aesthetic change to the nose, we usually leave them alone. However if there does seem to be a change in the shape of the nose, then it's usually warranted to go ahead and try to fix the fracture. Sometimes if the fracture is really severe, an experienced physician should do a rhinoplasty to try to correct all the deformities that come with a nasal fracture.

Good luck with your consultation. Thank you.

Is My Nose Broken?

Dr. Farhan Taghizadeh advises on two options to determine if your nose is broken and what you can do about it.