Woman: Why are eyes still swelling after two weeks from double eyelid surgery? Hi, I had double eyelid surgery two weeks ago. The swelling definitely went down since post op day one till today, two weeks mark. However, my eyelids are still swollen and the creases are still very high and unnatural looking. My eyelids feel puffy and soft when I gently massage it. Will this be permanent? I'm panicking and depressed. I never stepped out of my house without shades. Is everything fine with my eyes?

Dr. Amiya Prasad: Thank you for your question. You submitted a photo and you have described in your question that it has been two weeks since your surgery and you are concerned and panicking about the swelling of your eyelids. Well, I don't think you have any reason at all to panic. It is likely that in your pre operative discussion that the swelling being present at this time is typical. And I'll explain to you how I have this discussion in my practice. We do a lot of Asian eyelid surgery and I can certainly share with you over 20 years of doing this surgery that there certainly some degree of variability between patients regarding the amount of swelling they have in a very specific space. You see, Asian eyelid surgery requires a particular type of method that requires the fixation of the eyelid crease to the muscle that lifts the eyelid called the levator muscle.

Levator muscle, in fact the word elevator, it's the muscle that lifts the eyelid. In order to create that crease, there has to be a connection made between the skin and the levator muscle. Now this can be performed with both an incisional procedure, as well as a non-incisional, although non-incisional procedure does require micro opening. So technically it's not quite that accurate to say non-incisional. Nonetheless, what ends up happening and my perception is there is kind of a crowding of a tight space where fluid has a tendency to back up. And that fluid is between the eyelid crease and the eyelid margin or where the eyelashes are. Now that swelling can take time to resolve. In fact, that swelling is very often the reason for many patients to panic because they feel like the eyelid crease is too high. So understanding that this type of swelling at two weeks is normal and that swelling can linger and be variable over the course of several months and can go on to even as long as one year, not to the same level, but it is possible.

True surgical healing can take up to a year for resolution. So with that being said, understanding that the swelling that you're experiencing is likely be normal and the only things I advice my patients that might contribute to helping resolve swelling has to do with management of any allergies, particularly eye allergies, managing of any sinus issues, and of course, getting adequate sleep and doing the things that are healthy. And so I would recommend you, contact your doctor's office, meet with your doctor. I am certain that as long as your doctor does not feel there's anything abnormal and judging by that photo that you submitted, it does not appear that there's anything unusual about your situation. Just understand that the body takes its time to heal and that swirling does eventually get better and improve, but it is variabled between individuals as to length of time. So I hope those will help you. I wish you the best of luck. Thank you for your question.

Is My Eyelid Swelling Normal After Asian Eyelid Surgery?

Dr. Amiya Prasad details the reasons why temporary swelling can still be present weeks after Asian eyelid surgery. The degree of swelling and time it persists varies between individual patients, but is normal.