Is liposuction a reasonable treatment for obesity? Well, it can be. It can actually help patients who are obese in terms of giving them a head start in them doing their part of things. It's their job to lose weight and to get in shape, but if they're obese and they're also out of proportion and disproportionate, many times they'll become frustrated with losing weight, because the disproportioned areas don't really change that much, and liposuction, if it's done properly, can reduce that disproportion, and then the patient's off and running in terms of losing weight.

So there's my role to improve it, and there's the patient's role to improvement. In the overweight patient, my role is to balance their body out and create proportion and balance. It's their role to lose weight. On the converse, if a patient is thinner, many times if they're disproportionate, I have a greater role in terms of correcting the disproportion because they're already doing their part. They're already thin and in good shape.

So when I see patients for liposuction, I don't make them have to lose weight first, as many surgeons do. I'm very good in terms of looking at where they're out of proportion and balancing their body, and then it's up to them to lose weight afterwards.

Is Liposuction a Reasonable Treatment for Obesity?

Doctor David Amron discusses obesity and liposuction.