When it comes to Asian facial plastics, whether it be eyes, nose, even alterations to the chin, the jaw line, the cheeks, you want to go to somebody who does this very often, and race really doesn't particularly matter. There's a lot of non-Asian specialists in this across the country. Some are Indian, some are white, obviously there's quite a few who are Asian, and you want to see good photographic evidence that this person does this particular surgery pretty frequently. A lot of surgeons are willing to say, "Yeah, I can do your Asian eyelid surgery. I've done it many times before." They may mean that they did it 10 times in the last five years, and they're technically capable of doing it, but it's not something that they have a passion for, that they're focused in. But there's many, many...there's quite a few surgeons across the globe and in North America who have made this their focus, and many of them are not Asian themselves, so there should be lots of evidence of it on their website, lots of evidence in their office.

Is an Asian Surgeon Better at Performing Asian Eyelid Surgery

Dr. Chase Lay frequently performs Asian eyelid surgery and so he speaks on the merits of having an Asian surgeon versus a non-Asian surgeon perform the procedure.