Hello, this is Dr. Steven Prendiville. And today I'd like to discuss a topic which is a short scar facelift.

A lot of patients or, at least, there's a perception in the public that having a procedure with a shorter scar is more effective or let's say it's more desirable. The truth is that when performing a facelift there are several things we want to do, the first of which is to reposition the deeper soft tissues. It's kind of like pulling on the carpet liner. When you pull on the carpet liner, you can trim the extra carpet which is the skin.

In order to effectively address skin removal, the incision has to be long enough to allow for adequate skin removal and redraping. And if a compromise is made on the length of the scar or length of the incision, then the result just won't be that good. So what I would think of is the result that you want to have as opposed to the length of the incision because a short, bad looking scar is worse than the longer, excellent looking scar. I hope this is helpful.

Is a Short Scar Facelift More Effective Than a Traditional Facelift?

Dr. Stephen Prendiville discusses why a shorter scar is not necessarily better and a compromise on the length of the scar can compromise the quality of the work.