Hi, my name is Dr. Michael Epstein and I'm about to answer a question that a patient posted on real self. The question that this particular patient asked, "Is six days enough time for me to recover from a breast augmentation?"

I can tell this particular patient and anybody else that recovery from any surgery could mean a lot of different things to both the surgeon and the patient. Generally speaking I have my patients in regards to breast augmentation refrain from any heavy lifting or exercise for approximately three weeks. Usually I allow them to start doing most routine activities around the house after three days and if they feel up to it. If they're not taking pain medication and then they can move their arms freely and they're not in a lot of pain, they can even start to drive.

That's kind of how most of the recoveries go for most of the breast augmentations that I operated on. Thank you very much.

Breast Augmentation Recovery: Is 6 Days Enough Time to Heal?

Dr. Michael Epstein answers a question directed to him from a RealSelf user asking if 6 days is enough time to recover from a breast augmentation before going back to work and attending a wedding.