CoolSculpting is amazing in that it freezes the fat and gets rid of unwanted bulges in several areas of the body. We primarily use it in the love handles, abdomen, buttock area, but what's new about Zeltiq is they've come out with two new applicators. Great looking legs can be yours with little or no down time, because CoolSculpting by Zeltiq has made a new adapter called the "CoolFit" to address the inner thighs, and the "CoolSmooth" to address the outer thighs.

What happens when you come to the office is that we measure your legs, adjust the "CoolFit" or "CoolSmooth" applicator to the area of your leg on the body and you stay in the office for one to two hours for each side depending on the level of the procedure getting performed. Within three weeks to three months, you will see a dramatic improvement up to 20% in that area of reduced fat just from one application of the "CoolSmooth" or "CoolFit".

Introducing CoolSculpting's New Leg Applicators: CoolFit and CoolSmooth

Dr. Michele Green introduces CoolFit and CoolSmooth, which are the newest applicators by CoolSculpting used to treat the inner and outer thighs in just one to two hours.