Transumbilical breast augmentation is when breast augmentation is done through the umbilicus or the naval. A small tiny little incision is made underneath or on the inside of the belly button, so virtually you do not see the scar after surgery. Then, a small little tube is placed underneath the skin and brought out behind the muscle in the breast, and we'll take a look with a special camera, make sure we are under the muscle, everything looks good. Saline implants are placed under the muscle to make it look really great and without any visible scars. The only drawback from it is the fact that you have to use saline implants. Having said that, most patients that are reasonable in terms of sizing, that want to go from like a B-cup to a C-cup, they don't want to go from an A-cup to a D-cup are great candidates for saline implants. If you are a good candidate for saline implant, tubular or the transumbilical breast augmentation is the best procedure.

You could, then it becomes an implant issue, so then silicone implant is a better option because the majority of the breast tissue is made of the breast implant, not necessarily own breast tissue, which to feel and to look to a certain extent, silicone implant is a better option.

If you've had a tummy tuck or an abdominoplasty in the past, you still can have the transumbilical breast augmentation as your belly button is newly created or it's typically the inside of the belly button is the old belly button that used to be in that area before, and I was able to successfully do that through the belly button. In addition to success for actually going in and changing an implant that was ruptured through the belly button, so that you still end up with no scars on you breast even if you have that rare complication of breast implant rupture.

The complication rates for breast augmentation with transumbilical or tubular procedure are the same if done correctly at the same time as breast augmentation through either the areola or underneath breast fold incision or even transaxillary. The capsular contracture, infection, bleeding, things like that happen throughout the spectrum of breast augmentation, rare but the same for both transumbilical and regular breast augmentation.

You Can Insert Breast Implants Through the Belly Button (And It's Virtually Scarless!)

Dr. Kevin Tehrani explains that no invasive surgery is completely scarless, but breast augmentation that goes through the belly button is probably as close as it gets. As with any procedure, however, it does have its drawbacks.