Inner thigh liposuction, another very common area for liposuction surgery. Even though it's common, I would say this is one of the most commonly poorly done areas for liposuction. And the reason is it's an area that curves and you have to follow the proper contour, but the skin is also very delicate and thin in this area. It's almost like eyelid skin. It's one of the thinnest areas of skin on the body and the surgeons has to have a lot of respect for that tissue and not be too aggressive in doing the liposculpture surgery.

When I do the inner thighs, I do them one of three ways. Either I do the upper inner thighs by themselves, or I do the full inner thigh area, all the way down at the knee, or sometimes people have just fullness around their knees and lower middle thigh area and are actually OK in the upper thigh area. You really have to determine which patient needs what type of procedure. So commonly I see the inner thighs done, where the surgeon only focused on the upper thigh and did not properly blend it the all the way down at the knee area and then I have to go back in and do revision work to blend that area and make the contour look proper.

It's also an important area to do if there's disproportion earlier on because as time goes on, that tissue begins to drop and settle. It's an area that I call gravitationally prone. So once again, the inner thigh area is a very common area for liposuction, but as with any area, it has to be done very, very well with a lot of respect for the skin to not cause any irregularities.

Inner Thigh Liposuction

Doctor David Amron discusses Liposuction for the inner thigh.