Dr. Steven Weiner: Hi, I'm Dr. Steven Weiner from Aesthetic Clinique and we're here to introduce you to the new Infini by Lutronic. It's a skin tightening radiofrequency device and the difference between this in all the rest is that this is going to give you results. The Thermage, Isolaz, Venus Freeze, and Pelleve are all similar devices, but they work by transmitting the energy, the radiofrequency through the skin and so how it works is they somehow cool the skin and then transmit the energy through the upper layer of the skin and hope that it heats the lower layer of skin to a temperature where it causes collagen stimulation.

We don't have to hope with the Infini because the Infini has these 40 microneedles that go through the skin to a level of anywhere from 1 mm down to 3.5 mm. And at that level, it gives this energy charge and it causes thermal coagulation which causes collagen stimulation reliably, always able to do that. With the other devices, they may or may not get to that level of 40 to 45 degrees which causes the collagen stimulation. So what happens, all those other devices cause unreliable results. Some people, it works on. Most people, it doesn't and all of them usually have that several treatments to get to your effect.

So what Sandy is going to demonstrate here is the cheek first. It goes through the skin and as it goes through the skin, it emits that energy and it causes very little bleeding, but that's okay. It's not major. You can just wipe that off. Our patient here has had topical on her skin for approximately one hour and what you can do, the skin that's a little thicker which is in the cheek area, you go a little deeper. Then you can go back and go a little more superficial and hit a couple more areas. We actually do three different levels when you're treating the patient, a little deeper and thicker area so a little more superficial on the other areas.

What is this good for? This is good for those lip lines, those fine lines. It's great for acne scars. It's good for stretched marks and you can use this on any part of your body. You can use it on the knee area where there is a little less tissue there. So it's good for those superficial fine lines that you see in the cheeks as well and great for surgical scars. The good thing about this versus the laser is that there are no risks to the eyes. There are also no risks with any change in the pigmentation, hyper or hypopigmentation, loss of pigment or too much pigment and that's a concern of people that have darker skin.

So people that have darker skin with acne scars, this is the go-to device. It might even be the go-to device for people with lighter skin but certainly this is a very, very safe procedure. There's really essentially very little risk. There's little bit of downtime. The downtime is sunburn light sensation for a day, day and a half, but you can go out and have very little swelling afterwards. You probably need more than one treatment. We're recommending three at the current time and you can go to the neck as well. We usually do the head and the neck at the same time, face and neck at the same time.

Skin Tightening

Doctor Steven Weiner discusses Skin Tightening options.