In terms of facial rejuvenation, I think that you have to look at it at several different levels. The most elemental level is the skin itself and so basic, good skin care wherever you are along your lifeline is very important. We all use it in the office. We have good products and we like them a lot. The next thing is, you have to look at, I think the sort of the intermediate level of where our lines in the face and those can be addressed with fillers or with [inaudible 00:00:37] Botox, things like that.

Really where we see the biggest changes in aging is in the shape of the face. How facial fat actually moves under the force of gravity and time. The most effective way to rejuvenate the face is to move the things that have gone south with gravity back to where they used to be. It's really interesting because so many people are ready for that at really varied times in their life. Some people we're talking to that, they're in their 40s, some people into their 60s and beyond.

Again, it has to do with tailoring our plan to where that person is, both in terms of the aging process and their expectations because no two faces age the same. Got to take into account skin type, sunlight, whether or not they've smoked, and these things can really effect both where they are and what they may need.

Important Factors in Facial Rejuvenation

Dr. David Reath talks about how aging affects the face and how certain rejuvenation practices can best help with these individualized issues.