Dana Goldberg: Breast implants come in two shapes, round and anatomic or tear-drop shape. Round implants generally assume a pretty anatomical shape when a patient is in an upright position but the anatomic breast implants will always be fuller at the bottom than the top, which is the natural breast shape.

Implants come with two textures. Smooth implants are actually the most common implants in the United States. These are free to move about within the scar tissue pocket that develops around the implant. Textured implants have a more rough surface and they adhere to the tissues. They are generally used for anatomic shaped implants to keep them from rotating.

They are lower rates of capsular contracture and there is less settling of the breast down and out to the side over time. But some patients require a drain after surgery and textured implants may show more rippling.

Breast Implant Shape

Doctor Dana Goldberg discusses the shape of Breast Implants.