So I do a great procedure, it's called a transaxillary endoscopic breast augmentation.

What separates it from all the other approaches for breast augmentation that we offer as plastic surgeons, is that the scar is hidden in the axillary crease, so in an armpit crease.

And after nine months or six months it's totally hidden. My patients can't see any scaring, they can lift their arms up, they go to the beach and the scarring is great.

I use an endoscope, which is a camera that allows me to see exactly what I'm doing when I dissect, and that really allows me to control my dissection and my pocket, and really put that implant exactly where we wanted.

Imagine Having Zero Scars From a Breast Augmentation!

Dr. David Shifrin explains how he ensures that no scars are visible after his breast augmentation procedures while using a transaxillary approach, or going through the area under the arms.