Recently approved by the FDA, there is a new treatment for acne and anti-aging. It's called the illuMask. It's a low level laser treatment that's done at home. What it consists of is two different masks. They are masks that you wear at home for 15 minutes. The anti-aging mask has red LED's of a particular wavelength, 440 nanometers, and infrared wavelength LED's of 830 nanometers. What it does is you wear it for 15 minutes every night and then you do it over and over again. What it does is it stimulates collagen. It increases the elastin content in your skin. It evens out the tone, tightens the pores, basically rejuvenates the skin. Now the beauty of this is that it's a very simple treatment that is done at home. The mask lasts for a month and then you replenish it with a new mask.

The second mask is an anti-acne mask. Now both of these masks underwent rigorous trials and clinical trials, FDA approval. The anti-acne mask has a different array of LED's. One is blue LED light of 440 nanometers, so again it's a different wavelength and red LED light of 660 nanometers. Again arranged in a mask that you wear for 15 minutes every night. The interesting part is that blue light has been proven scientifically to kill bacteria that cause acne. Also in the clinical trials that I ran, we found that there was 100% decrease in the inflammatory acne lesions in the 30 patients that we evaluated and a 73% decrease in standard acne lesions, which is rather impressive.

The fascinating thing about the anti-acne mask which has blue and red light is that not only does it affect the standard acne and the inflammatory acne, but what we saw in the clinical trials is that it also affects blackheads and cystic acne. There is no FDA claim for cystic acne, but in the clinical trial we saw a significant reduction of that. Another factor that's fascinating about this combination of blue and red light and it's that it's not just additive, it's synergistic. So what happens is that the blue light by killing bacteria, red light also kills bacteria to a lesser degree but it's very anti-inflammatory. As I mentioned before, 100% reduction in the inflammatory lesions by using that mask.

The illuMask is used by patients at home. It has essentially brought LED therapy from our offices to patient homes. But the way that we are using it in our practices is that it potentiates what I do surgically. For instance, when I laser resurface a whole face, whether it's an erbium or a CO2 laser, we give those masks, the anti-aging masks, for its anti-inflammatory properties to patients immediately after the laser resurfacing. They heal quicker. There's less redness and less inflammation. Also when I do a facelift, we use those masks, again the anti-inflammatory masks, to reduce the redness, reduce the swelling and really speed up the healing process. So what we are doing is essentially every patient in a practice such as mine is given a mask, whether it's the blue and red LED mask or the red and infrared LED mask, to speed up the recovery process.

illuMask: In-Home LED Therapy Treatment For Acne and Anti-Aging

Dr. Paul Lorenc introduces illuMask, an LED treatment for in-home use that is FDA approved to fight both acne--anything from blackheads to cysts--and the effects of aging.