If you have a fat grafting surgery will you need a second or third fat grafting procedure? Well the answer is possibly. That depends on a number of factors. Most importantly it depends on how deeply hollow the area is that is being treated. Areas that are moderately hollow are easier to graft because the soft tissue structure there acts as a scaffold that holds living fat cells. If there is not much of a scaffolding it's harder to get fat to survive. So deeply hollow areas sometimes require a second or even a third treatment. The other thing to know about fat grafting is that no surgeon can completely predict the degree of fat graft survival you will have with each procedure. For the fat to survive long term it has to gain a blood supply so in the days and weeks after the surgery microcirculation grows in to provide a blood supply to the graft and fatty tissue. The fatty tissue that is revascularized will persist indefinitely as living tissue. The fat that does not get vascularized that is broken down in your body just like temporary filler such as Juvederm. So there are multiple factors that influence fat survival on the number of procedures that you may require.

Does Fat Grafting Require More Than One Grafting Procedure?

Dr. Michael Law discusses how likely a patient is to need a second or third fat grafting procedure following the initial fat grafting surgery.