Hey there, RealSelfers. We are changing things up so you can now add your very own videos to reviews. Videos are the perfect way for you to let the RealSelf community get to know your personality, show off your results, and bring others along with you on your beauty journey. We've made it fast and easy for you to drag and drop videos straight into your reviews from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Here's how it works. While writing a review, simply drag and drop the videos you'd like to share. You can also select the files directly. Video files should be less than 250 megabytes and should be MOV, AVI or MP4 file types. You could add multiple videos and photos at the same time. You'll next add a title for your video and a short description, and then, voila, your videos are attached. Once you've finished adding videos to your reviews, click the submit button. Your review in files will be processed, moderated and posted to RealSelf in one to two business days.

You can follow the same process to update an existing review by simply clicking "Update your review," add video, and post update. It's as easy as that. Video is such a special way to share your real story, and we can't wait to see what you produce.


How to Upload a Video to RealSelf

We’ve now made it easy to drag and drop videos into your reviews from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Just follow these simple instructions to bring extra life to your RealStory. It’s time to get uploading!