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  • How to Turn Back the Clock of Aging
Dr Mathew Elias: Well being that we're in Florida and Ponce de Leon was here looking for the Fountain of Youth, that's a big thing that we do here in South Florida, is trying to turn back the clock and the most common procedures that I've done for that are botox or botulime toxins which are actually muscle relaxants and those are used for lines that we express, dynamic lines. So when you scream or you raise your forehead, all of these lines can be treated with that.

Another thing that's commonly used are fillers which are a more volumizing and those are for lines that are there rest. So typically, the nasal labial folds or the jowls like we talked about. There's even some newer fillers where we can go back up the cheek bones and we know that if we lift the cheek bones, that fills in all those lines as well. And this again are very, very easy procedures. I think the most common thing people worry about with these treatments is that hear the word botox and think it's a toxin and people get very nervous about that. But this medication has been around a very long time and we've used it very safely in dermatology and more like technically is a toxin, what we're doing and using for is to actually prevent the muscles in contracting, it works very, very well and very safe.

How to Turn Back the Clock of Aging

Doctor Matthew Elias discusses the best procedures for turning back the clock.