...question of the day. I get a question quite often during breast consultations as to whether a patient has tubular breast deformity or not. A tubular breast deformity is a really specific diagnosis. There are many women who have a variation of tubular breasts or have some of the characteristics of tubular breast, but they don't necessarily have a tubular breast deformity.

What defines a tubular breast deformity is when a patient has three main characteristics. One is when the breast crease is high-riding. They have a very tight lower pole to the breast skin, so things are very tight at the bottom. Some of the actual breast tissue will herniate or protrude out into the nipple-areolar complex, so they have a very large areola that looks puffy. Those three things define the tubular breast deformity.

There are women who have just the tight lower component portion, just the high-riding folds, variations of tubular breast deformity. Both those situations or variations of the tubular breast are not easy to deal with but can be dealt with with some type of implant surgery or sometimes multiple stage procedures. If you think you have that, come see me. We can identify what the problems are and attack them with the right surgical procedure for you. I hope this helps and have a great day.

How to Tell If You Have Tubular Breast Deformity

Dr. Richard Brown reveals that there three main characteristics that must be identified before confirming if a woman has tubular breast deformity.