Male Voice: People that have acne scars or need their face rejuvenated even with wrinkles and so forth, we as anesthetic dermatologists, we're more opt to tell our patients if they can have some downtime three or four or five days, we like doing the more aggressive fractional CO2 lasers. One of the newer devices in that realm is known as Cortex. It's made by a company called Ellman and it's a fractional CO2 laser device which also has in the device in the box an Erbium laser and that Erbium laser lets me do some additional treatments at the same time.

So in one box, I'm doing fractional CO2 and then I go back and I use the Erbium to sort of treat around the mouth and around the eyes which are sometimes harder to make a lasting effect. But if I combine things, then I get a great effect. So it's just one of those devices that if I have patient with scars, acne scars or any traumatic scar, I love using my fractional CO2. Cortex is one of those devices that I really go to now and if I have somebody with a lot of wrinkles and a lot of rejuvenating effect, I sort of do the fractional CO2 and then take the Erbium part of the Cortex and combine them together.

There is downtime and I tell patients "Don't be afraid of downtime. We have a lot of cosmeceuticals that help reduce that and we use a lot of different things and a lot of different products that we can help minimize that downtime, but there are great treatments now that we know enough about in the right hands that make the patients a lot better, a lot faster."

How to Rejuvenate the Face

Dr. Michael H. Gold explains how Fractional CO2 devices can be used to rejuvenate the face.